Letter to the Editor - Tofflemire 1-13

To the Editor:
We are both Americans, but you’d think we are living on different planets.
You watch Fox News every day.
I watch all networks to get a balanced view of the news.
You believe every word President Trump utters is truth.
I believe President Trump has a VERY LOOSE relationship with the truth.
You think it’s okay for our President to denigrate people to get a laugh.
I would reprimand my child or grandchild for being so disrespectful toward others.
I believe EVERYONE should obey the law.
You think it’s okay that President Trump thinks he can do anything he wants.
I believe in the Constitution of the United States.
You think it’s okay for a U.S. President to disregard the parts of the Constitution he doesn’t like.
I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
You think it’s okay for a U.S. President to cast aspersions on whole groups of people without facts. I believe in facts.
You believe what President Trump tells you to believe, and what he tells you NOT to believe.
I believe a person’s word is their bond, and a country’s word is binding.
You think it’s okay for a U.S. President to renege on past promises because he’s jealous of the popularity of our previous president.
How can we both be Americans, not because we have differing opinions, but because we have two such different realities?
Nancy Tofflemire


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