Letter - Walz 10-8-21

To the Editor:

I am an eighth-grade student in Wessington Springs. Even young people today can sense the division that exists in the world that we live in. People are at opposite sides of man issues and hatred between different opinions and groups of people seem very evident.

I recently read an article about a farmer, Paul Olsonawaski of Humboldt, Minn., who died suddenly this past July, leaving his wife and four children with a large harvest of sugar beets to contend with.

Normally, such a harvest took the family at least 10 days, with everyone working. On Monday, Sept. 27, neighbors and friends of the family gathered together their tractors, trucks, diggers and defoliators, and undertook to complete this entire harvest in less than 24 hours.

In this time when everyone in the world seems to be in conflict with each other, reading this article gave me a sense of new hope. These people, acting as the Good Samaritan did in the time of Jesus, in caring for those who were in grave need of help, showed their Christian love and responsibility, that we all have to take care of one another. In fact, caring for one’s neighbor is the main criteria for entering heaven.

Let us all try to remember this important command - to care for our neighbor and love them as we love ourselves. Maybe this can help us to survive this dark time of our history and help us to move forward with a new sense of Christian duty.

Peyton Walz
Wessington Springs



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