Letter - Wheeler 6-17-22

To the Editor:

I want to take this opportunity to publicly extend thanks to all of the individuals, businesses and organizations who were part of the 2022 Huron Tiger Scholarship Program. All those who have participated in the scholarship program can be confident that their contribution and support has been greatly appreciated.

A list of all this year’s contributors can be found in an ad on Page 3 of the June 18 issue of the Plainsman.

This year, 77 scholarships, totaling $30,972, were awarded to Huron High School graduates by the Huron Tiger Scholarship program. The scholarship program has now awarded 2,167 schoalrships, totaling $593,587 since its creation in 1988.

The students who won these scholarships have been very busy individuals. Along with being successful in academic setting, many of you observed these students performing in music activities, in theater productions, volunteer activities and in the many athletic programs.  You may have also seen these students bagging your groceries, caring for the elderly in nursing homes, or waiting on you in a restaurant or retail store. I want to personally thank them for their involvement in our school and community.

Any individual, organization or business wishing to participate in the Huron Tiger Scholarship Program should feel free to contact the high school counseling office.

Kristin Wheeler


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