Letter - Williams 10-13

To the Editor:
Calling you by name is not important; I decide what is ignorant to me. Your statements are ignorant and misinformed.

To insinuate that you are somehow smarter because you listen to Fox News, and it makes your point move valid than mine, at its face value, is ignorant. Your rantings about Antifa and Black Lives Matter being evil, while trying to invoke religion as a way to lend credence to make your argument more valid, is ridiculous. They exist because people are targeted and killed.

Here are some facts for you: gassed peaceful protesters; “good people on both sides” (Charlottsville); 238 million people on SNAP - that’s welfare - up from 203 million in 2019.

Trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act with no plan for replacement. Governmental child abuse/detention. Disastrous handling of a pandemic - more than 7.5 million cases and more than 200,000 deaths. “Stand Back, Stand By” (suggesting voter intimidation) Refusing to call out white supremacists or Vladimir Putin. A total of $738 million to create Space Force (really?).

Perhaps we should create a medal for him…oh wait, he’s a draft dodger who’s already suggested that. The highest deficit since World War 2.

Am I missing something?

Willie Williams


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