Letter - Williams 9-14-22

To the Editor:
It’s amazing that Michael Busch thinks 75% of Americans think we are headed down the wrong path when a nearly identical number think our democracy is at risk.

If that were true, the President’s approval rating would be around 25%. Basic math.

What Mr. Flowers and Mr. Sunderman were stating were facts.

To claim that Governor Noem kept the state open is inaccurate, “She closed schools.” That alone makes that statement false. She raised the payout from the coronavirus relief for small business from $100,000 to $400,000 by executive action, in which her family members received a $600,000 payout. There’s no proof of wrongdoing, but it does have the appearance.

It’s up to you if you continue to support that kind of person. That’s the beauty of living in America.

History should not be taught from one perspective. Keeping CRT out of the curriculum is based on ignorance or someone’s opinion. Facts are facts.

I’m at a loss for the laws that the current President has broken, unlike his predecessor.

I can think of at least one thing that’s complained about that will benefit all that are on Medicare - the Inflation Reduction Act reduces the cost of prescription drugs.

To attack the transgender community - small people with small minds.

The comment about living under a rock - it appears the rock just got bigger.

Willie Williams


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