Letters to the Editor 4-21-17

To the Editor:
I strongly encourage everyone to read Joan Hull’s well-written article, that was in the Sunday, April 16th paper in the Commentary section, titled “Are You Sure?”  Her article was well researched and her information should be helpful when you go to the polls on May 16th to cast a YES vote.

Ruth Bennett

To the Editor: (and residents of Huron)
For everyone who wants to see my famous 40-year old magnolia tree in full bloom, now is the time. Barring a freeze, icy rain, or hard wind it should have 100s of blooms for the next 10 days or two weeks.  
Hundreds of blossoms show over the roof of my garage at 1376 Nevada SW. Most of it can be seen from 14th Street. But you are welcome to walk through my yard, and yes, you may pick one.  

Joan Hull