McEnelly letter to the editor 7-11-20

To the Editor:

It’s human nature. 

After struggling for three months, the government told us if any state had met specific conditions concerning COVID-19, that state could gradually, step-by-step open up its economy. The operative phrases were “specific conditions” and “gradually, step-by-step.”

Most governors bowed to public pressure - sometimes loud and nonsensical public pressure - and opened up their states. NOT ONE STATE met the specific condition of two weeks of steadily lowering positive test numbers before opening up.

America went on a binge; no masks, no social distancing, no kindness. On June 26, we had +46,000 new COVID-19 cases! The largest single-day increase ever! We are now on our way to 100,000 per day! We were warned! Was all the suffering for naught?

PEOPLE! Doing the right thing is slightly inconvenient, but we can do it!

“Wearing a mask fogs up my glasses. They are uncomfortable, etc.” Actually, wearing a mask doesn’t protect you from breathing in viruses. Viruses are so small that up to 1,500 can fit inside one cell before it explodes, releasing the viruses into your fluids so they can enter other cells and start replicating. There is no fiber dense enough to stop an airborne virus and still allow you to breathe.

So, why wear masks?

Try this; stick your hand out in front of your face as far as you can. Release a light puff of air. You will feel the “puff.” Now do it again with a mask on. Try it with your hand a foot away, then 6” away. Hmmm, understand?

Masks prevent you from giving someone else the virus. To not wear one is rude and puts others and their loved ones in danger. Now let’s cut the  ‘unconstitutional silliness,’  and do the right thing.

John McEnelly