M&M Preschool named Preschool of Excellence


M & M Preschool is proud to be recognized as an Exemplary Preschool Level of Excellence.

The School Administrator of South Dakota developed the SASD Preschool Levels of Excellence in September 2018. It is a voluntary evaluation tool that pairs a local school administrator with preschool staff and reviews the quality of the preschool program in 10 areas: relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment, health, teachers, families, community relationships, physical environment, leadership and management.

The Levels of Excellence are divided into three different ratings: proficient, distinguished, and exemplary. Currently there are 38 preschools in South Dakota that are acknowledged through the Preschool Levels of Excellence. You can find more about the program by going to SASD.org and clicking on the Preschool Levels of Excellence tab.