No plastic bags in recycling containers

HURON — The public is being reminded that plastic bags, shrink wrap plastic and film are no longer being accepted in the city of Huron’s recycling containers.
In early June, city officials said Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls will be charging the city more as of Oct. 1 if plastic bags are in the recycling stream.
Solid Waste Superintendent Dale Fortin appeared before the City Commission Monday to issue the reminder to the public, adding that shrink wrap and film are also not acceptable.
Instead, those items should be put into the brown garbage cans.
The reason for the change is the fact there is not enough value for the bags. Also, they are costing the Sioux Falls company money because they are hard on moving parts in its machinery.
While many are already complying with the change, Fortin said there were more than 600 container violations due to the plastic bags in the month of July.
In the last load going to Sioux Falls, the penalty would have been $200 because of the bags in the recycling stream.
He said reusable grocery bags are available in the stores. Information on Huron’s recycling program can be found at Huron’s Facebook page at “City of Huron Recycles.”
Also, as of July 1, Millennium Recycling has been charging the city $10 per ton, double the former fee. Huron is fortunate it has prohibited glass from recycling containers. That charge would have increased to $45 per ton.
Other items not accepted include batteries, hoses and tanglers, fabric, diapers and medical waste, hangers, metal car parts, plant and food waste, plastic toys and VHS tapes.
Among acceptable items that must be empty and rinsed are plastic bottles, tubs and jugs, metal cans and paper and cardboard.
Commissioners also:
• Approved requests for alcoholic beverage consumption in a public area from Kibble Equipment for a picnic Wednesday at Prospect Park Glide and Slide Shelter and Debra Smith for a family reunion Aug. 31 at Ravine Lake east shelter.
• Set Aug. 26 as the hearing date to consider transferring a 2019 retail on-off sale wine license from Yessica’s Restaurant, 334 Dakota Ave. S., to Los Compadres at the same location.
• Accepted the resignation of Rey Colon from the Historic Preservation Board.
• Approved a raffle by the Huron MS Society.
• Approved a construction change order by Hydro-Klean LLC for sewer main lining for an increase of 10 working days.
The extension is needed because the lining project was delayed due to an emergency manhole repair at Third Street and Lincoln Avenue Southwest.
• Approved a final payment of $8,360 to Dakota Constructors for crushing of stockpiled concrete and asphalt. The company crushed 10,000 tons of concrete and 1,000 tons of asphalt.
• Approved the transfer of 2019-2020 retail on-off sale malt beverage and South Dakota Farm Wine licenses from Yessica’s Restaurant, 334 Dakota Ave. S., to Los Compadres at the same location.
• Approved an agreement with Banner Associates for a water and wastewater rate study. The cost of the rate study won’t exceed $34,000.