November license renewal changes

HURON — Beadle County Treasurer Jacque McCaskell advises the citizens of Beadle County - specifically those whose license plates will need to be renewed in November - of an upcoming change in the S.D. Motor Vehicle computer system.

According to McCaskell, the state will implement a new software system on Monday, Nov. 29, which may affect all vehicle transactions, including transfers, registration renewals, duplicate tags and more.

Also affected are the new DMV Now kiosks spread throughout the state.

“I strongly encourage those with the first letter of their last name of T through Z, whose renewals are due in November, to complete those transactions early in the month and not wait until the last few days to do so,” McCaskell said, noting that vehicle registrations may be renewed up to 90 days prior to their expirations.

McCaskell advised residents to be prepared for the possibility of extended wait times for services and if time will not allow for completion of transactions before 5 p.m., residents may be asked to return on a subsequent date. It is also a reminder that Beadle County does not do title transfers after 4 p.m.

For any questions, call the Beadle County Treasurer’s office at 353-8405.



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