November's COVID surge strongest in least-vaxxed counties

HURON ­— November was the second-most infectious month of COVID-19 in 2021 on the year, falling just short of September at a statewide level. Meanwhile, Beadle County and the Heartland Region set new high marks for the year in the month.

The month noted 11,726 new positive cases and 99 new deaths in the state. The case number fell short of September’s 12,759 for the most cases in a single month. The last three months have been the three most infectious months of the year statewide.

Coordinating the months with the highest percentage of increase in cases across the state during November with the counties in the state with the lowest percentage of the overall population that is fully vaccinated showed a correlation between the top 10 counties for both lists. Six counties show up on both top 10 lists, and each county in the top 10 in increased case percentage in November has a county-wide vaccination percentage under 50%.

The 99 deaths in November are the most since February, which had 110 statewide.

Beadle County reported 165 new positive cases in November. That number out-paced September’s 143 for the top mark of 2021.

The Heartland Region tallied 354 new positive cases and three new deaths among the seven counties in the region during the month. The month’s case total surpassed March’s 336 for the most in 2021 and is the fifth-most reported in a month in the entire pandemic.


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