Old tires still accepted at rubble site for reduced fee

HURON — For the foreseeable future — probably for a couple more months — people bringing tires to the city’s rubble site will continue paying only a fraction of the normal entry fee, the solid waste superintendent said.
It’s because state grant funds are still picking up 80 percent of the tire disposal cost, because most of that money remains untapped, Dale Fortin said.
Initially, the price break was only for residents of the city of Huron and the surrounding areas in Beadle County, but people living outside of the county can also take advantage of it.
The regular cost of tire disposal is $204 per ton. With the grant, the state is paying 80 percent of that, or about $160 per ton.
Residents are being charged the 20 percent balance, or $40.28 per ton.
Someone bringing in four car tires normally pays $20, but with the grant funds the fee is now about $4, depending on the weight.
Fortin calculated that the amount the state set aside with the grant means that the city can take in 416 tons of tires. But only 20 tons of tires have come in so far.
The city will keep accepting tires at the reduced cost until the grant funding runs out.
Fortin said if the entire grant amount isn’t used up, the city may not get the assistance from the state again.
After the three-day citywide cleanup in April, there was a significant drop-off in the number of tires being brought to the rubble site. He attributes that to possible confusion that the price break was no longer in effect.
The price reduction excludes businesses, which typically charge customers a used tire disposal fee when new tires are purchased.
Anyone with questions is asked to contact the solid waste department at 353-8542.

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