‘Open for everyone’

PHOTO BY BENJAMIN CHASE/PLAINSMAN South Dakota’s Democratic Committeeman Dennis Olson of Huron, was the keynote speaker at Thursday’s District 22 Democratic forum.

HURON — South Dakota Democratic National Committeeman Dennis Olson was the featured speaker at Thursday’s District 22 Democratic Forum at noon at the Scoreboard.

Olson discussed his personal background in politics, dating back to working with the George McGovern campaign. He spoke of family discussions in a family with split political beliefs and talking to members of similar political beliefs and differing beliefs in his own family and how that molded his own political pursuits.

The role of committeeman was discussed and Olson’s recent role as the state’s representative in the role. He spoke to the challenges of putting together the Democratic National Convention last summer virtually as well as numerous committee meetings as part of his role that were done virtually.

Olson was pleased with the direction of the party and spoke to his goals for the party moving forward being local. He highlighted city and county elections spilling into state elections to allow the Democratic Party to show its ability to include and be open to all members of society.

“The Democrat Party can reach out by showing that we are open for everyone and willing to work for all people,” Olson noted.

He concluded by answering a few questions of those gathered for the forum regarding attracting independent voters and funding for upcoming elections. Olson stated that the national party has increased the funding to traditionally Republican states to assist in upcoming statewide elections, which should help with notable elections in the state in 2022.

The next Democratic Forum will be July 22 at noon at the Scoreboard. The speaker will be Chris Studer, Public Relations Officer with East River Electric Power Cooperative.



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