Pizza with the Principal at Buchanan K-1 Center

Kindergarten students chosen to have Pizza with the Principal during the month of February are, front row, from left, Ryder Metter, Saren Hawthorne, Ray May Paw, Lestat Young, Haizyn Murphy, Eh The Blay Soe, Hser Kri Soe and Grant Shonley; second row, William Soe Eh, Htoo Doh Shee, Paw Keela Wah, Katie Smith, Wendy Hea, JC Titus, Jace Skinner, Giovanni Ipina, Alyssa Urena, Daniel Shee, Anthony Salazar and Brecken Kubal; third row, Uriah Cardona, Tyler Pa, Shayla Portugal, Karen Lopez-Lopez, Harper Spilde, Kelliam Sotomayer, M’Mercy Htoo, Johnny Sosa, Samantha Rankin and Autumn Rose; and in back, Alexa Colchado-Martinez, Baylee Rostyne, Paw Nay Thar Soe, Ronisha Gigenbach, Heath Styer, Makenna Porisch, Iris Dubon, Salena Searing and Principal Peggy Heinz.