Quilts of Valor 2023 presented

Photos by Curt Nettinga/Plainsman Above: Huron area veterans who received a Quilt of Valor from the Huron Area Quilt Guild on Saturday were, front row from left: Frank Palleria, Dave Johnson, Jerry Gilbert and Randy Nixon. Standing from left are Pete Marcus, James Schmidt, Richard Rezac, Michael Calkins and Dareld Olson. Bottom: Pete Marcus of Huron shares an interesting story of his time in the U.S. Army, as his Quilt of Valor is displayed behind him.

HURON — A total of nine Huron-area veterans received a warm and colorful “thank you” Saturday afternoon, as the Huron Area Quilt Guild presented them ‘Quilts of Valor.’

Each of the nine quilts are made from colorful red, white and blue fabrics, cut and pieced by members of the guild, and are then presented to veterans at a brief ceremony, held at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, with family and friends in attendance.

Quilts of Valor began as a dream — literally — in 2003, according to founder Catherine Roberts, whose son was deployed in Iraq at the time. In her dream, she saw a wounded soldier, hunched and in despair. Then, her view changed. She saw him in his bed, but with a quilt around his shoulders. His demeanor was now one of hope and well being.

That is where Quilts of Valor got it start.

Since that time more than 250,000 quilts have been presented to veterans of all branches of the service, in ceremonies similar to Saturdays, in cities and towns across the nation.

Those receiving quilts on Saturday included Jerry Gilbert, Dave Johnson, Randy Nixon, James Schmidt, Pete Marcus, Frank Palleria, Dareld Olson, Richard Rezac and Michael Calkins.

Each veteran came forward after being introduced by a member of the guild who worked on his quilt, and took a few moments to share information — and a story or two — about his time in the service.

To become involved in the Huron Area Quilt Guild’s Quilts of Valor program, or to nominate a veterans to receive a quilt, contact Sandra Kissner at 605-352-1587, or find the quilt guild on Facebook.