Racing action returns to Miller Central Speedway

PHOTO BY MIKE CARROLL/PLAINSMAN Broc Stout of Winner (49) uses the low groove to pass Leonard Ferguson of Kyel (78) Michael Bogh of Huron (middle) and Chris Serr of Aberdeen (back) during their WISSOTA street stock heat race on Saturday at Miller Central Speedway.

It was a warm slightly humid night at the Miller Central Speedway. The evening was sponsored by Agtegra, and there were seventy-nine cars in the pits.

The Pump N Pak Pure Stocks led off the night with Camden Rassel leading the first three laps. A major wreck happened on the front straight when Andy Brooker was tapped and spun, McKenzie Kopecky clipped him as she tried to get by and broke her right front suspension and ended in the wall, then being hit by Cody Songer. Songer limped to the pits and called it a night, the others went off on the hook. On the restart Jayden Michaelsohn snatched the lead and led the rest of the way over Aaron Holan, Jace Baloun, Scott Hoffer and Wyatt Brooker. It was Jayden’s 18th feature win at the track, tying him with Mike Miller for first on the list.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were next with Kenny Clements leading the first two laps, then Broc Stout grabbed the lead and never looked back, winning over Zach Pollock, Clements, Jodie Michaelsohn and Warren Pourier. It was Broc’s 40th feature win at Miller.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds rolled out 18 strong with Blake Meyer leading the first seven laps until a caution when Jordan Rawstern and Devon Carroll tangled on the front straight with both cars going off on the hook. Adam Brotherton shot past for the lead on the restart and won going away over Lorin Johnson, Scott Hansen, Meyer, and Lane Johnson. It was Adam’s tenth feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next with a good field of cars. Dale Tomes led the first six laps fighting off Trevor Nelson before Nelson took command. A lap later there was a wreck in turn two involving Damon Hoftiezer, Jeremy North and Eric Cease. Hoftiezer went off on the hook, North restarted and Cease drove to the pits. Nelson ran away on the restart and won over Tomes, North, Austin Arbogast and Matt Johnson. It was Trevor’s 16th feature win at the track.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were a little thin on car count. Nick Wranek led the first 3 laps before Mike Stearns took over and led the rest of the way over Wranek, Dale Ames, and Mike Rohwedder. It was Mike’s eighth feature win at Miller.

The WISSOTA Late Models capped off the night with Kelly Duffy leading on the start, first fighting off David Carlson and then Cole Searing, with Searing finally taking the lead on the 12th lap. It was Searing, Duffy, Tyler McDonald, Josh Skorczewski and Chad Becker in the top five.

It was Cole’s fifth Late Model feature win at the track.

Next week will see the Steffes Street Stock Tour making its second appearance at the Miller Central Speedway with $1000 to the winner. All other classes will be competing as well.

Starting time is 7 p.m.

Miller Central Speedway
July 17 results

WISSOTA Late Model
Main: 1. Cole Searing, Huron 2. Kelly Duffy, Winner 3. Tyler McDonald, Huron 4. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 5. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 6. David Carlson, Huron 7. David McDonald, Huron 8. Justin Boomsma, Huron 9. Cody Martin, Mitchell 10. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 11. Rich Thomas, Aberdeen
Heat 1: Searing, Boomsma, D. McDonald, Carlson, Martin, Thomas
Heat 2: Becker, T. McDonald, Skorczewski, Duffy, Arthur

WISSOTA Modified
Main: 1. Mike Stearns, Hecla 2. Nick Wranek, Harrisburg 3. Dale Ames, Huron 4. Mike Rohwedder, Aberdeen DNS: Peyton George, Rapid City
Heat: Stearns, Ames, Rohwedder, Wranek, George

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Trevor Nelson, Warner 2. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 3. Jeremy North, Huron 4. Austin Arbogast, Huron 5. Matt Johnson, Aberdeen 6. Roger Kenaston, Miller 7. John Hannemann, Madison 8. Josh Fisher, Aberdeen DNF: Alan Malsam, Mobridge; Damon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre; Robert Schmitt, Redfield; Eric Cease, Frederick; Robin Schmitt, Redfield
Heat 1: North, Johnson, Hoftiezer, Malsam, Fisher, Robin Schmitt
Heat 2: Nelson, Tomes, Cease, Arbogast, Robert Schmitt, Kenaston, Hannemann

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Main: 1. Adam Brotherton, Huron 2. Lorin Johnson, Miller 3. Scott Hansen, Garden City 4. Blake Meyer, Huron 5. Lane Johnson, Miller 6. Dawson Zabel, Selby 7. Alexis Manning, Gillette, Wyoming 8. Connor Blumhardt, Bath 9. Peyton George, Rapid City 10. Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock 11. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 12. Trevor Ryan, Highmore 13. Paden Scott, Pierre 14. Chad Kopfmann, Alpena 15. Joel Reiter, Kimball DNF: Brad Kopecky, Miller; Devon Carroll, Sioux Falls; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt DNS: Jaymie Peterson, Highmore; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre; Jericho Dorris, Huron
Heat 1: Kopecky, Meyer, Williams, Blumhardt, Hoftiezer, Reiter, Carroll
Heat 2: Hansen, Brotherton, La. Johnson, Ryan, Kopfmann, Rawstern, Dorris
Heat 3: Lo. Johnson, George, Manning, Scott, Grehl, Zabel, Peterson

WISSOTA Street Stock
Main: 1. Broc Stout, Winner 2. Zach Pollock, Miller 3. Kenny Clements, Madison 4. Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 5. Warren Pourier, Kyle 6. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 7. Luke Johnson, Miller 8. Michael Bogh, Huron 9. Kyle Bertram, Dallas 10. Matt Goth, Huron 11. Clifford Houser, Kimball 12. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 13. Spence Pollock, Orient 14. Brandon Hammill, Miller 15. Jaida Sanderson, Aberdeen 16. Jayden Bogh, Huron DNF: Willie Ferguson, Kyle
Heat 1: Pourier, Hammill, Serr, Stout, Johnson, M. Bogh, Bertram, Rawstern, Ferguson
Heat 2: S. Pollock, Michaelsohn, Z. Pollock, Clements, Goth, Sanderson, J. Bogh, Houser,

Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Jayden Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 2. Aaron Holan, Kimball 3. Jace Baloun, Highmore 4. Scott Hoffer, Winner 5. Wyatt Brooker, Tulare 6. Bill Gortmaker, Harrold 7. Carlie Songer, Miller DNF: Camden Rassel, Woonsocket; Curtis Johnson, Miller; McKenzie Kopecky; Cody Songer, Wolsey; Andy Brooker, Tulare DNS: Mike Hammill, Miller
Heat 1: Johnson, Michaelsohn, Co. Songer, Kopecky, Gortmaker, Ca. Songer, Hoffer
Heat 2: Holan, A. Brooker, Baloun, Rassel, Hammill, W. Brooker



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