Reaping a harvest of hope

COURTESY PHOTOS In the first photo, on the left, Kristie Kahre is shown in the field with her sons, Ethan, left, and Jayden. On the right, taking a break from bringing in the harvest for the Kahre family are, from left, Mike Graff, Brady Struck and George Walters. In the second photo, area farmers brought combines to harvest soybeans recently on the farm of Kristie Kahre and her sons. Kahre’s husband, Chad Kahre, passed away earlier this year.

WOLSEY — Living in a small community may have many positives, for the Kahre’s it also brought many neighbors and helping hands to harvest their soybeans.

After farmer Chad Kahre passed away suddenly at the beginning of the year, wife Kristie Kahre and sons Jayden, Jacob and Ethan have been taking on the farming responsibilities.

“This is my son Jayden’s first year farming on his own,” explained Kristie Kahre.

On October 1, members of the local community in Wolsey gathered on the Kahre farm to help finish with a harvest of approximately 330 acres of soy beans. This day also happen to be Jayden’s 22nd birthday.

“It was a huge surprise. They showed up to the field we were working in and said they were here to help, it was great to see everybody.”

Those who came to help were Waylon Walters, George Walters, Joel Sprecher, David Struck and his crew, plus Zane and Andy Wuestewald.

“They’ve grown up farming, they know the ropes of the farm, Jayden is 22, Jacob is 19 and my youngest Ethan is only 12,” explained Kristie. “For them to take on the responsibility of the farm at this age is a big deal, they are doing a great job and I’m very proud of them.”

The eldest, Jayden plans to continues farming with the help of his grandfather Dan Kahre and his uncle Bret Kahre.

“The Kahre’s have been in the Wolsey community for a very long time, Chad was very well known — he was a great farmer, he knew exactly what he was doing and was very good at fixing equipment, he passed a lot of that down to his kids. I hope they can make their future in farming,” she explained. “It’s so great to see a small community come together and help us in a time of need, especially with how the economy is right now for them to go out of their way and help us.

“Words can’t describe how grateful the family is for the friends and family that helped us finish with the soybean harvest,” Kristie smiled. “I’m also very thankful for the community we live in and the support we have received this past year.”


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