Redfield Area Concert Association postpones all fall 2020 tours

REDFIELD — The Redfield Area Concert Association in conjunction with Allied Concert Services, announces that the 2020 Fall Concert Tours have been postponed.

In their correspondence, Allied Concert Services states, “With great disappointment, we must postpone all concert tours scheduled in the fall, 2020 and move them to the fall, 2021.  We do, however, plan on all of the tours scheduled for the winter and spring, 2021 to proceed as planned.”

The release continued, “The health of all audience members and the artists is of paramount importance.  As the news continues to report outbreaks and spikes of infections, the outlook today does not look promising for the next six months.”

Factors in this decision include the timing of membership campaigns of individual concert associations, the advance travel planning required by the artists, state requirements regarding large gatherings of people, concert venues and their requirements, particularly schools, and the safety concerns any individual concert attenders may have.

Allied is hopeful that January 2021 will see a significant change.  They are proceeding with plans for tours for the winter and spring of 2021, and will reassess if that outlook is overly optimistic in later days.

The Redfield Area Concert Association board will keep you informed as plans progress or change.  Your continued participation in the concert tours is vital.  There are many questions, but they thank you for your patience, flexibility, loyalty and determination to fight through to a better end.  They look forward to returning to normal concert attendance.


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