‘Remarkable Kids Rodeo’ at NJHFR

HURON — A “Remarkable Kids Rodeo” was held Thursday afternoon during the NJHFR, in the Warm Up Arena located south of the Hippodrome.
“The National Student Officers coordinate a rodeo for kids with challenges at the finals each year, wherever we may be,” said Stephanie Rodrigue, NHSRF Secretary. “This year we partnered up with the Make A Wish Foundation as recommended by the City of Huron.”
The event has been a long-standing tradition at the rodeo finals, where the remarkable kids are able to come and learn different roping techniques from the contestants.
“It has been well over 40 years the NHSRA has sponsored this event,” explained Rodrigue. “All of the remarkable kids leave with a goody bag of gifts that includes an award buckle.”
There were 19 kids that were able to attend the rodeo with the Make A Wish Program, and those who were unable to be there will be sent gift bags also. It was an opportunity for the kids to learn how to rope, run barrels, run poles and ride a simulated bucking horse with the assistance of the contestants.
“At least five junior high qualifiers for every remarkable kid are here to teach,” Rodrigue said. “It is a wonderful rodeo experience for an exceptional group of children.”