Revv Aviation offers air options to Huron area

COURTESY PHOTOS Above: Revv Aviation CEO Guy Lieser, center, cuts the ribbon as part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Nov. 11 at the airport in Huron. He is joined by Huron Chamber and Visitor Bureau Ambassadors, Greater Huron Development staff, Revv staff, and staff from Revv’s parent company, CL Enterprises. Below: Revv Aviation CEO Guy Lieser speaks to those gathered at the open house and ribbon-cutting held in Huron on Nov. 11.

HURON — When the announcement that Revv Aviation would be coming to Huron as a fixed-base operator was made in July, there was a large amount of cautious optimism about what the company could mean for activity at the Huron Airport.

During a ribbon-cutting and open house held on Veteran’s Day, and a chance to sit down and discuss the questions, Revv Aviation CEO Guy Lieser flipped the table to express his optimism about the relationship with the community of Huron.

“Huron really has so many positive things for Revv,” Lieser stated, who went on to discuss the ready and skilled workforce in the Huron area, an airport with excellent present facilities as well as room to expand, access to high-quality universities and tech schools for training for pilots and mechanic staff and flight services that will entice visitors to Huron as well as allow Huron area residents to explore.

“The demand for people to work in aviation services is positioned to increase drastically,” Lieser noted. “We are positioned to take advantage of the growth areas in the industry.”

Revv Aviation’s name came around in 2022, but the company was formed as multiple long-standing aviation organizations in the Midwest were brought together under one umbrella. Parent company CL Enterprises began with a mission to elevate small-town communities and airports, and that has been the focus of acquisitions made by the company as Revv began.

Lieser and Revv Marketing Director Roderick Kelly discussed various opportunities that were present in the Huron market, including charter flights, which could allow Huron residents to get into a plane at the Huron airport and travel anywhere in the country without needing to utilize multiple “hops” or long drives to get on a larger airplane that are frequently part of long-distance travel from Huron.

Kelly mentioned specifically working directly with pheasant hunting homes to provide direct charter flights for hunters coming to the Huron area from areas throughout the country, which could make the Huron area more attractive for pheasant tourism.

Lieser also mentioned the training programs that Revv is developing internally and in partnership with local universities and trade schools to train pilots and mechanics. He stated that the Huron area brings a unique added appeal for future workforce.

“With the strong farming community in the area, you have a lot of kids in the area that have grown up knowing how to turn a wrench,” Lieser explained.

When targeted marketing information from Revv comes soon about their services to be offered from their Huron location, residents may notice that the prices are higher than an airline. Lieser said that there’s a reason for that.

“We are more efficient,” Lieser observed. “You can get on a charter with your luggage, get all the way to your destination, take your luggage right with you, and you have to go through one security check. Your ride or rental car can be waiting right there at the gate for you.”

The image that many have that charter flights are for “rich and famous” is one that fades away when a customer takes all considerations into account, Lieser and Kelly explained. Lieser also explained the booking through the Revv Aviation website,, offers options to also book hotel and rental car as part of the flight reservation.


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