ROC qualifiers decided at Miller Central Speedway

It was a windy dry night at the Miller Central Speedway. The evening’s races were sponsored by Wagner Farms. There were 61 cars in the pits before an excellent crowd. It was the night of the WISSOTA Race of Champions Qualifiers, with the feature wins representing Miller in the Race of Champions for each of the five WISSOTA classes at the WISSOTA 100 in Fergus Falls, Minn., in September.
There was a spectacular accident in the last late model heat when Blake Swenson suddenly lost power while running second and was hooked by Quentin Myers, who did a complete barrel roll. Nobody was injured but neither car made it out for the main event.
The mains led off with the Pump N Pak pure stock main. Jordan Rawstern took the lead on the start and led all the way over Mike Hammill, Colton Fryer, Curtis Johnson and Trevor Ryan. It was Rawstern’s 10th feature win at the track, moving him into fourth on the class’s feature win list.
In the WISSOTA street stock main point leader Broc Stout came up lame with a flat tire as the field went into turn one on the start. Stout pitted and restarted 13th. Andy Rossow led on the restart while Stout was a man on a mission, moving up fast. As they came out to complete lap eight Stout led at the line by a nose, but an accident in turn 3-4 brought out the caution. Rossow hung onto the lead on the restart until Broc made his move on the outside of the backstretch on the last lap and got the ticket to Fergus over Rossow, Preston Blackwell, Chris Serr and Clifford Houser. It was Stout’s 21st career win at the Miller Central Speedway.
The WISSOTA Midwest modifieds were up next with James Reiner leading with Kyle Knouse breathing down his neck. On lap four there was a big wreck in turn four. Tanner Grohs restarted, but Blake Meyer limped to the pits and Britt Williams and Lorin Johnson went off on the hook. Reiner again led on the restart. For five laps Reiner held the high line with Knouse underneath him. Finally, Knouse made the move in turn four to take the lead on lap eight. Knouse led the rest of the way with Dylan Zabel, Cory Berquist, Shaun Cooper and Spence Pollock. It was Knouse’s third win at the speedway.
With planting finally over, the WISSOTA modifieds had their biggest field of the year. Alex Guthmiller led on the start, with his brother-in-law Tyler McDonald quickly closing in. They raced close and hard, with McDonald finally taking the lead at the white flag. But Guthmiller got him back coming off of turn two and beat him to the line by a car length. Kent Arment, David Carlson and Dale Ames rounded out the top five. It was Guthmiller’s fourth modified feature win at the track.
The WISSOTA super stock feature rolled out with a surprise, with point leader Cole Searing out with engine trouble. It was the race of the night, with Taylor Schmidt leading early. Jeremy North took the lead on lap three and appeared to be running away, but Schmidt ran him back down and retook the lead on lap nine. Then Kipp DeGroot passed North and almost ran down Schmidt but he ran out of laps and finished on Schmidt’s bumper followed by North, Bowdry Morris and Jordan Kott. It was Schmidt’s second win at Miller, following up his win at Aberdeen Friday night.
The WISSOTA late models rolled out twelve strong. Kent Arment led the first lap but Josh Skorczewski took command on lap two. Arment regained his stride on lap four and ran away. With two laps to go, Roger Bitz blew a radiator hose and had to stop in the infield just off of the frontstretch. Arment again ran off on the green, white, checker restart and won his seventh late model feature at the Miller Central Speedway over Scott Ward, Skorczewski, Nick Grehl and Curt Gelling.
Racing will resume at 7 p.m. on Saturday with all classes in action.
 On June 23, the WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series will be making its’ first appearance ever at the Miller Central Speedway.

WISSOTA Late Model
Main: 1. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 2. Scott Ward, Watertown 3. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 4. Nick Grehl, Hitchcock 5. Curt Gelling, Aberdeen 6. David McDonald, Huron 7. Blair Nothdurft, Sioux Falls 8. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 9. Chad Becker, Aberden 10. Troy Nothdurft, Sioux Falls 11. Rich Thomas, Aberdeen DNF: Roger Bitz, Aberdeen DNS: Quentin Myers, Pukwana; Blake Swenson, Watertown
Heat 1: Gelling, Ward, Skorczewski, Arment, B. Nothdurft, Arthur, T. Nothdurft
Heat 2: McDonald, Becker, Grehl, Thomas, Bitz, Myers, Swenson

WISSOTA Modified
Main: 1. Alex Guthmiller, Huron 2. Tyler McDonald, Huron 3. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 4. David Carlson, Huron 5. Dale Ames, Huron 6. Morgan Ward, Watertown DNF: Matt Jeratowski, Madison: Justin Boomsma, Hitchcock
Heat: Guthmiller, Arment, Ames, Boomsma, Carlson, McDonald, Jeratowski, Ward

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Taylor Schmidt, Bath 2. Kipp DeGroot, Platte 3. Jeremy North, Huron 4. Bowdry Morris, Miller 5. Jordan Kott, Platte DNS: Cole Searing, Huron
Heat: North, DeGroot, Searing, Schmidt, Kott, Morris
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Main: 1. Kyle Knouse, Huron 2. Dylan Zabel, Selby 3. Cory Berquist, Huron 4. Shaun Cooper, Pierre 5. Spence Pollock, Orient 6. Jeff Rawstern, Blunt DNF: Dawson Zabel, Selby; James Reiner, Wessington Springs; Nathan Jager, Aberdeen; Tanner Grohs, Wessington Springs; Jayme Peterson, Highmore; Lorin Johnson, Miller; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre; Blake Meyer, Huron DNS: Scott Phillips, Huron
Heat 1: Williams, Peterson, Berquist, Rawstern, Da. Zabel, Cooper, Jager, Dy. Zabel
Heat 2: Johnson, Knouse, Reiner, Meyer, Grohs, Pollock, Phillips

WISSOTA Street Stock
Main: 1. Broc Stout, Winner 2. Andy Rossow, Florence 3. Preston Blackwell, Miller 4. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 5. Clifford Houser, Kimball 6. Michael Bogh, Huron 7. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 8. Luke Johnson, Miller 9. John Cable, Geddes DNF: Travis Oxandaburu, Huron; Zach Pollock, Miller; James Hoing, Kimball; Trajan Schmidt, Watertown
Heat 1: Baloun, Stout, Pollock, Rossow, Houser, Bogh, Johnson
Heat 2: Blackwell, Hoing, Schmidt, Serr, Cable, Oxandaburu

Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 2. Mike Hammill, Miller 3. Colter Fryer, Aberdeen 4. Curtis Johnson, Miller 5. Trevor Ryan, Highmore
Heat: Rawstern, Johnson, Hammill, Ryan, Fryer

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