Rutledge: Dakota Provisions to remain open

HURON — Ken Rutledge, President and CEO of Dakota Provisions of Huron, sent a press release on Monday, noting that Dakota Provisions will remain open during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
“Dakota Provision is considered by the federal government to be a ‘CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRY.’” the press release stated.
This means that the food supply is deemed critical and will therefore remain functioning during this time.  Employees at processing plants, truck drivers, and anyone working in all areas of the value chain are still able to go to work to produce and distribute necessary food supplies during the pandemic.  
“Thank goodness we have dedicated people in all of these industries to make sure that the American public has availability of safe food products,” Rutledge stated.
The released continued and stated that Dakota Provisions has enacted stringent internal and external avoidance programs to provide its employees and neighbors with the best possible protection from the virus.
 “Our intention is to be as transparent as possible in our efforts and we will keep all necessary parties informed of our actions.
Our operations will remain open so that we can continue to provide food to our customers and consumers through this trying period.”


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