Safe and comfortable at home

Even as this unusual year unfolds, the changes of the seasons still inevitably comes along and the need for heating and cooling doesn’t seem to change much.

“We’re busy thankfully, but we have to take our precautions, with this COVID we want to be cautious with our employees and our customers,” explained Richard McGillvrey, owner of McGillvrey Heating and Cooling at Wolsey.

The business only had to shut its doors for approximately two weeks before opening back up to accommodate for spring demand. Spiking interest particularly this year is an air cleaning system that assists in keeping homes COVID free.

“It’s been steady, we offer the IWave Air Cleaner which a lot of people have been getting, it actually kills the COVID virus,” McGillvrey noted. “It safely treats the air throughout the home, kills mold, bacteria and viruses, while improving indoor air quality. It has been around, but with the new technology it performs better nowadays.”

Also driving business would be the recent cold snap and service calls as the public start up their furnaces.

“Also, be sure to check your carbon monoxide detectors,” McGillvrey reminds customers.

These practices are to ensure everything “runs efficiently,” he added, so customers may feel comfortable in their homes while preparing for colder weather conditions.


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