Say it with Music!

Tell your special someone that you care on Feb. 14 with a Singing Valentine by members of the Huron High School Concert Choir.
“For $20 anyone can hire a Singing Valentine,” said HHS vocal music director Molly Stueckrath. “We send out six or eight students from Concert Choir, they will take a rose and a card to give them and go serenade.”
Call the HHS office at 353-7800, or stop by the school to schedule a Singing Valentine on Feb. 14 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
All orders must be placed and paid for by Feb. 9.
Orders for Singing Valentine’s inside the high school are available for $10 each because there is no traveling required.
“I actually have 95 students in Concert Choir, so we have a lot to choose from,” Stueckrath added. “The kids really enjoy it.”
Upper classmen can leave the high school campus during free periods for the project, and others will be excused from classes to ensure all orders for Singing Valentines are filled.
The Singing Valentines are a fundraising project for the Tri-M Honor Society, which is in its fifth year at HHS. The honor society is through the National Association of Music Education.
According to last year’s figures, 45 singing valentines were delivered both at the high school and throughout the community.
The best part of presenting a Singing Valentine is seeing all the smiles, said senior Alissa Gauer, who is vice president of the Tri-M.
“It’s fun to surprise people and bring a smile to their face on Valentine’s Day,” Gauer said. “Most people are just super embarrassed — we try to make it fun for everyone.
“Some parents send a Singing Valentine to their kids at elementary school,” she added. “That’s really fun. They’re just amazed to see these big kids coming in to sing.”
HHS junior Brenden Schlader, joked that he decided to get involved because he can get out of class.
“And you like to sing,” Stueckrath said. “Yeah, that too,” added Schlader, laughing.
Members of the Tri-M Honor Society have been working on an information study on the effects of music on patients with Alzheimer’s at SunQuest Healthcare Center.
There are 30 students involved in the honor society, which meets once a month over lunch.
Money raised from this fundraiser will help the group purchase iPods, earphones and music for the residents involved in this year’s program.
“We haven’t started it yet this year,” Stueckrath said. “Two or three students will be assigned to one patient. They start by learning about what music the person is interested in and what they enjoyed the most.
“Students are in charge of picking out songs, and they sit and listen together,” she said. “Students said some of the patients started singing along. They were very moved by it.
“This is also our service project that we do,” Stueckrath said. “It’s very unique compared to other chapters in the state.”
Stueckrath, who is in her first year with the vocal department at HHS, said students are looking forward to interacting with residents.
“One of the students said the person they were working with last year passed away in the middle of the study,” she said. “Even though, she’s all about doing it again this year.
“It’s more of an emotional thing for high school students than other service projects might be” Stueckrath added. “I’m excited to see first-hand how it all goes.”

Molly Stueckrath, director of the Huron High School vocal music department, left, is shown with HHS Concert Choir members, from left, Alissa Gauer, Claire Gilbert and Brenden Schlader. Concert Choir members will be dispatched across town Feb. 14 to deliver Singing Valentine’s as a fundraiser for the Tri-M, a music honor society.


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