School Board hears preliminary budget plans

HURON — At Monday evening’s School Board meeting Business Manager Kelly Christopherson presented the preliminary budget for the 2018-19 school year.
“For the general fund, which is the largest part of this $31M budget, we have about $20,300,00 budgeted in the general fund based on enrollment on count day,” Christopherson explained. “In the capital outlay fund, which is 100 percent local taxes, we have $3,400,084 in the budget. The other big fund that is important for our staffing is the special education fund, which is a $4,300,00 fund for next year, also based on student count much like the general fund is.”
The total of all the funds amounts to $31,385,000. “The next thing that will happen with this is to advertise the budget in detail in the legal section of the Plainsman in preparation for a budget hearing at the first meeting in June when the public can come and make comment, and by the second meeting in June, hopefully, we can have adoption of the budget.”
Pride High teacher Jonna Reid took to the podium with sister Vicki and Shelly Time Van Wyhe, in the hope of receiving a memorial bench in the name of Mark Kool and Bob Timm.
“We bleed orange,” Reid said. “My mother taught here for over 30 years, so did my older brother Mark, Vicki and I all went through the Huron school system. We have been a Tiger family forever.”
“Bob was Mark’s coach,” Reid explained. “Mark was a graduate of 1976 and I believe holds the Huron shot put record. The shot coaches are really excited because they get a permanent bench over by the shot put. They had a really special relationship, the phrase I liked was “behind every fearless athlete is a fearless coach,” and that really sums up both of these two. We wanted something that inspires that athlete and coach relationship and what that does in the lives of young kids.”
Shelly Timm Van Wyhe shared some words about Timm, “He’s a true Huron Tiger fan through and through. He’s had tremendous success with the Huron shot putters, so I think this is a great idea to have a memorial bench at the shot put area,” Shelly said. “He coached numerous champions. He and Mark Kool were very close. They shared a special bond as a coach athlete and a friend. Our families would be very honored to have this bench near the shot put area in memory of Bob and Mark.”
Superintendent Terry Nebelsick added, “Both are gentlemen who are iconic to the athletic program.”
The request for the memorial bench was approved unanimously.
In old business, an introduction presentation of the school’s branding package was given by Garrett Bischoff, Craig Lee and Sherri Nelson. Different logos were revealed, including the School District logo, Huron Tiger face, Academic logo plus more options of logos to chose from.
“The goal is to unify our brand,” Lee said.
The public is encourages to send in feedback on logo options. These can be viewed at, or contact board members directly.
Nebelsick extended congratulations to the Employees of the Year named at the Employee Recognition Banquet held Wednesday evening. Thank you’s were also extended to those who were involved in making the banquet possible and to everyone who made the Dental Bus a success.
The Superintendent’s report included a reminder that a goals meeting will be in June to discuss the success of previous goals, plus the new goals for the coming year. The board followed a recommendation for a third student school board seat. Sophia Ledenvea will join existing student members Jasmine Snow and Frank Hines.
“Graduation is at 2 p.m., Sunday, May 27,” Nebelsick said. “Colony graduations are taking place at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23, at Riverside Colony, and Wednesday afternoon, May 24, at Huron Colony. Pride High graduation is coming up at 11:45 a.m., also on Tuesday morning at the Vocational Building.”

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