School Board holds brief meeting

HURON — To say that Monday morning’s special Huron School Board meeting was brief is an understatement.

The single-item agenda that caused the meeting, according to Superintendent Terry Nebelsick, was to address a principal and interest payment due on the elementary school bond fund for $708,373.45.

“Normally,” Nebelsick said, “Business manager Kelly Christopherson receives a notice ahead of time that the redemption payment is coming up, and we can handle it in a regular board meeting. The timing made it so it didn’t work out that way this time around.”

Nebelsick, who will retire as superintendent at the end of the month, noted, “In all my years as superintendent, we haven’t held special meetings. Then we have two in the space of one week!”

The board met last week in special session to approve the hire of Josh Lien as the new varsity volleyball coach.

“And you can add to it,” Nebelsick continued, “that the notice on the bond redemption came within a half-hour of the other special meeting!”



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