School board holds special meeting

HURON — The Huron School Board of Education held a special meeting to approve contracts, new hires and resignations in the school district, Friday afternoon in the Instructional Planning Center.
“I have called this special board meeting, as we are three weeks between regular school board meetings, so we can approve some new hires in order to open up the jobs of the people who are taking new positions,” said Tim Van Berkum,  school board president. “This gives us another week and a half to advertise for new staff to replace those who are moving up in rank.”
Jon Schouten was announced as the varsity boys’ basketball coach; Linda Pietz was selected as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; Rodney Mittelstedt will take on the position of Director of ESL, Federal Programs and Accreditation; and Kathy Bostrom has moved from team leader to the Director of Transportation. Jessica Dawson was approved as a new eighth-grade math teacher.
“Just to clarify for the benefit of the public, some of the process that we went through,” said school district superintendent Terry Nebelsick. “The director jobs opened up close enough together that we brought the applicants in line so that it all took place at the same time with the same committee. We had 18 people apply, six were finalists for a committee that involved administrators and teachers. They went through a ballot process and identified the individuals that they recommended for the positions and I support their recommendations.”
Nebelsick added that approving the contract for Bostrom as the Director of Transportation was also an affirmation of the work that has been done to address the leadership needs of the growing number of square footage within the district’s buildings and grounds. “At the same time, we have had the bus fleet go from 12 to approximately 23 bus routes, which has become too much for one person. Business Manager Kelly Christopherson led the screening process of the Director of Transportation and I support his recommendation that Ms. Bostrom move from being team leader to director.”
The boys’ basketball coach position was advertised from the time of former coach Tim Buddenhagen’s resignation through Monday, and the people who were involved in the interviewing process were the High School Principal Mike Radke, Activities Director Terry Rotert and Nebelsick.
Five resignations were also approved, including Christin Hemen, an ESL Teacher at Madison Center, Maintenance Technician Dennis Eckmann, Kristen Steffen of the TAP Program, second-grade teacher at Madison Center Joanna Lyons, and bus driver Mario Acuna.

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