School board learns of Buchanan K-1 Center intervention programs

HURON — The Huron School Board heard good news reports from Principal Peggy Heinz and staff members from the Kindergarten through 1st grade, Buchanan Center, about interventions called “Buffer Time,” and “WIN,” that have been running since the beginning of the school year. Response to Intervention training sessions took place this past summer, and these exercises are a reflection of new practices from these sessions. They are intense reading interventions that take place three times a week for 30 minutes, to support students in developing reading and other skills needed to be successful in the classroom. This also helps to identify which students need the interventions.
The students were assessed with reading exercises based on letters and sounds to determine which students need extra help and what level they are at, this is called their “entrance ticket,” and once the students pass all their letters and sounds assessments, this is called the “exit ticket.”
Excercises include tracing letters with their fingers while making the sounds of the letter.
Fourteen of twenty students graduated the program and others will continue. The second group of students will start their testing next week.
“We are learning as we go but so far we are very happy with what we have seen,” said Heinz.
“First of all congratulations, we have several activities that are coming to a conclusion at this time of year,” said Superintendent Terry Nebelsick, as he congratulated  individuals for accomplishments including Nolan Wiegel for finishing fifth at the ESD Golf Meet, and also for earning All-Conference and All-State honors. Special mentions were  given to Jordan Adams for being named Honorable Mention to the All ESD Girls’ Soccer Team, to Win Storm and Way Nay Moo for being selected to the Boys’ All ESD Soccer Team, Ni Doh Moo was selected honorable mention to the All ESD Soccer Team and Kayla Harvey was the number three singles consolation champion at the State Tennis Tournament.
Thank you’s were also extended by Nebelsick to all who were involved with the success of the Homecoming festivities that took place.
In new business, the board approved a request from James Stueckrath, High School Band Director, regarding the upcoming band fundraiser, Marching Indoor Exhibition, to take place at 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 23, in the Arena.
“We take our whole marching show that we have on the field and condense it down into the gym, it’s a big fundraiser for the band,” explained Stueckrath. “It is fundraising for the marching band so we can continue to go out and compete.”
Stueckrath gave an update on how the marching season has been before explaining the fundraiser. “To start our marching season, we had four competitions in three different weekends,” said Stueckrath, “I thought it was very successful. We placed well at each competition. The percussion received best in class.”
Lastly, the board approved a permission request from Rex Sawvell, Director of Transportation, to purchase two new school buses. The total amount will be $166,450 to be paid for through the capital outlay fund.
“The transportation story five years ago was 13 buses and 600 students, today we’re hauling 1,200 students home on 21 buses,” explained Sawvell. “With the turkey plant expansion going on, we want to be proactive and have two buses ready to go for when those students get here.”
The next School Board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 23, in the Instructional Planning Center, on the west side of the upper level at Huron Arena.

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