School board reviews goals at annual session

HURON — On the agenda at the Huron School Board of Education meeting Monday evening, was the school budget public hearing for the 2019-20 fiscal year, where no changes were made, therefore adoption is set to take place at the Monday, June 24, meeting.
The annual session to review the goals set by school board members last summer for the 2018-19 school year was held following the regular meeting. The previous goals were discussed and included all areas of student achievement, staff leadership development, school safety, facility improvements, plus more.
“This is a wrap-up where the 17 administrators share with the school board the different methodologies that they use carrying out the goals that the board set and approved at the annual meeting last year,” explained Superintendent Terry Nebelsick.
The board will hold its annual goal setting session for the coming school year at the following meeting.
The Superintendent’s report highlighted the administrators’ retreat day taking place today, and commended all the hard work that takes place in order to create the best educational environment for students.
“The preparation of a school district this size to be ready to go to next year is continual,” noted Nebelsick. “We will be looking at a lot of things, including where we are with reviews and evaluations, the victories and challenges from each of the departments. Last year we focused on leadership development with the admin. team, and now we would like to take that to the next level.”
Director of English as a Second Language (ESL) program Rodney Mittelstedt, gave a good news report to the board that, as of the last day of school, Thursday, June 6, a total of 859 K-12 students was recorded.
“A couple weeks ago when I was at a meeting in Pierre, one of the topics that came up was how districts across the state are making sure ESL students are participating in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses,” Mittelstedt explained. “Huron leads the way in terms of students generally taking the CTE courses, but also fulfilling career clusters, which is really nice and shows the inclusion of our ESL students.”
The ESL Summer School program began on Monday, where a total of 425 students at grade levels K-7 were counted and approximately 45 high school students were in attendance.
During the meeting, the school’s Surplus Property Auction dates — preview on July 15 and online July 16 — were also brought to attention.
Pictures will be taken on Monday for the online auction, the bus garage will be open to the public for preview on Monday, July 15, while the online auction will take place the following day. Visit for more information.
New on the agenda was the introduction of handbooks for the 2019-20 year from each of the buildings, programs and activities within the district, which will be examined by the board and approved at the next meeting.


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