School Board reviews goals, visions

HURON — The Huron School Board of Education worked through a full agenda of reports before holding its annual goals report between the board and the administrative team on Monday evening.
Each year the goals are set for the following school year by the board for the administrators to achieve higher standards of education and teaching in the district, which is then reviewed at the goals report work session.
“The goals session is part of the institution that has been going on since the early years,” said Superintendent Terry Nebelsick. “The administrators give their goals reports on how the team carried out the goals that were set by the school board last year at the final meeting in June.”
After reviewing the previous years’ goals, the board and administrators will meet again to prepare their goals for the coming year at the annual School Board Goal Setting Session. The session will take place after the next board meeting, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 25, in the Instructional Planning Center.
“This very model has been adopted by other schools, we have presented on it at the joint conference. Each year I’m called and asked ‘how do the communications work between the administrative team and the school board.’ I am really proud of the process that we have been able to continue, it’s been a long heritage with this board and this administrative team,” Nebelsick added.   
The current vision statement for the school, which is “Educational excellence for every child — setting the standard others aim for,” was brought to board with the proposal of changing the statement to “Respect — Pride — Excellence for all.”
“I think it comes closer to being something people could point out and identify with, that does not take away from the original work of the committee several years ago to identify education excellence for every child as our cornerstone vision,” Nebelsick said. “I would like the public to be aware that we would like this to be considered as a modification to the vision statement.”
In reports to the board, a donation of $500 was presented by Rick Sabers, representing the Sabers family, to Mike Postma, agriculture teacher at the Vocational School. The money will assist in the funding of the Huron Public School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program.
“It’s a great pleasure to come and donate money, it’s one of our ways to give back to the agriculture community, which my dad had a passion for,” Sabers said.
“We greatly appreciate it, this goes toward the kids and the different activities that we go to throughout the year,” Postma responded.
A first reading was given with an update on the branding package, which was presented to the board, including adjustments made to the various logos after receiving feedback.
Sherri Nelson reintroduced the branding package, displayed on screen during the meeting, which can be viewed by the public online at the Huron School District’s website.
“The biggest feedback that the committee got on the branding package was the tiger face, so we asked the designers to give us an option of a fierce tiger and a gentle tiger,” explained Nelson. “We talked about having both tigers in the package because there are certain times when we might want a more gentle tiger for a kindergarten logo, then the fierce one could be used for athletics.”
The committee is looking for feedback from the community on the branding package and is encouraged to contact a school board member or visit using “#hurontigers” as the password to log in.
In other business, the board fulfilled it’s requirement to present the budget hearing for the 2018-19 school year, which will be on the agenda at the next board meeting for final approval. The public is encouraged to attend the hearing and give community input to the board.

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