School district to add second police officer

HURON — Monday evenings school board meeting began with the board approving 14 new hires, six resignations, and six contracts with staff.

Kelly Christopherson presented the business managers report. “On the CTE construction building, substantial completion was granted to the general contractor on April 27,” Christopherson said. “After an inspection by the architect, there are a few remaining items to be taken care of this month, mainly the hoist inside the building and some outside stuff.”

Dr. Kraig Steinhoff presented the Superintendent’s report. He said that with the approval of the School Resource Officer agreements with the Huron Police Dept., that they will now have two full time officers instead of one, with one housed in the high school and one in the middle school.  

“I think its going to be a great opportunity because the two SRO’s can collaborate together when they need to, will be able to spend more time, not only in the two buildings that they are housed in, but also do more proactive visits to the elementaries,” commented Steinhoff.

Steinhoff also added that Head Start has asked to move out of McKinley School at the end of May. If they get moved out in time they will not have to pay June rent.  

In new business was a construction change, with a credit back to the school for $1,425.00. “We had a refrigerator in the building that had fundraising items for the FFA Club in it, and when the roofers were working on the roof they disturbed the power to that refrigerator and we lost all the products,” Christopherson said. FFA Club was reimbursed. There was an upgrade to the crane system for $4,882.00, as this one can be remote controlled by the instructor from the floor and it can move up and over the house and it can stop it where the rafters need to be placed. $441.00 to paint the center pole that goes between the two big doors of the CTE Building and is able to be moved when moving out a house so it matches the rest of the building. The school decided a good option was to run air on the north wall to run support air tools, running additional pipes to the north wall costing $988.00.

Steinhoff presented the Strategic Plan draft as an introductory reading with hopes the plan will guide the district for the next five years. Following that will be another round of listening tour and surveys.  

The draft begins with belief statements followed by five initiatives of student achievement: Student Achievement, Staff Development; Community Outreach and Communication, Growth and Development Planning, and Learning Environments. It also includes the Portrait of a Graduate, with the five different competencies. Next year teachers and administrators will be working on creating student statements for each one of the competencies that will be sectioned out by grade level.

Christoperson explained an in-depth budget report reflecting that as prices are going up so are the costs of natural gas, electric and utilities. There are many items that could be upgraded such as more advance technology for sports, drivers education vehicles, ESL vehicles, the additional hiring of para-educators and staff, and a custodian for McKinley school to keep it up to date, and a CTE/nurse hire.  

Dates to Remember:
• May 19, last day of class/ early release day.
• May 23, school board meeting at 5:30 p.m.
• June 6, ESL Summer school, K-7th grade.


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