School district to offer free meals to students in 2021-2022

HURON — All students in the Huron School District will again be able to eat breakfast and lunch free of charge at their respective schools this year, as the Huron School District announces the sponsorship of summer feeding opportunities.  

Milk tickets are $4 for 10 cartons of milk and the milk program begins Aug. 24 at the Huron elementary schools.

“Even though our school district is participating in the free meals for all students,” said school nutrition director Amanda Reilly, “parents are still enocuraged to complete the free or reduced price applications.” Reilly noted that students will receive an application on the first day of school and filling out one application per family is adequate.

The applications provide information that can be used in other programs in the district and no financial information will be disclosed.

Breakfast for adults is available for $3.10 and lunch may be purchased for $4.40.

For more information, of if you have questions about the program, contact Reilly at (605)353-6909. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Here is a full listing of the schools, addresses and times of service for students.

Address         Days     Meals    Times Served
Buchanan K-1 Center     M-F    B/L    7:30-8:30/10:45-12:45
5th St & Mellette Ave

Madison 2-3 Center    M-F    B/L    7:30-8:30/10:45-12:45
1634 Idaho Ave SE

Washington 4-5 Center M-F    B/L    7:30-8:30/10:45-12:45
1451 McClellan Dr.

Huron Middle School    M-F    B/L    7:30-8:30/10:45-12:45
1045 18th St

Huron High School    M-F    B/L    7:30-8:30/10:45-12:45    
701 18th St

Holy Trinity Catholic School M-F  L    10:45-12:45
425 21st St SW