School menus

Milk is included every day.

Head Start - Huron
MONDAY: Macaroni and cheese, lettuce salad, and apple.
TUESDAY: Barbecue on a bun, baked beans, and pears.
WEDNESDAY: Swiss steak cubes, noodles, green beans, and mandarin oranges.
THURSDAY: Chicken sandwich, baby carrots, and pineapple.

Fruit and vegetable bar offered daily at middle school and high school.
MONDAY: Barbecued rib patty, sub bun, and fresh cauliflower. ES: Baked beans, and sliced peaches. HS: Cheese pizza choice.
TUESDAY: Meatloaf, dinner roll, and french fries. ES: Mini carrots, and fruit cocktail. HS: Pepperoni pizza choice.
WEDNESDAY: Grilled chicken sandwich, bun, coleslaw, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. ES: Baked beans, steamed corn, and sliced peaches. HS: Hamburger choice.
THURSDAY: Tangerine chicken, brown rice, and steamed carrots. ES: Romaine lettuce, and pineapple tidbits. HS: Chicken patty.
FRIDAY: Beefy mac, dinner roll, and steamed Brussels sprouts. ES: Apple wedges. HS: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and pepperoni pizza choice.

James Valley
MONDAY: Sub sandwiches, lettuce, veggies, and fruit.
TUESDAY: Barbecue, cheesy-beans, fruit, and veggies.
WEDNESDAY: Pizza, lettuce, veggies, pudding, and fruit.
THURSDAY: Chicken Alfredo, cheesy-bread, and fruit.
FRIDAY: Super nachos, breadsticks, lettuce, and fruit.

Lettuce salad, and fresh veggie selection available.
MONDAY: Burgers.
TUESDAY: Cook’s choice.
WEDNESDAY: Tater-tot hot dish.
THURSDAY: Baked potato bar.

Fruit and vegetable bar. Choice of one of two entree options.
MONDAY: Italian pasta bake with breadstick or cheeseburger, and green beans.
TUESDAY: No school.
WEDNESDAY: Chicken and noodles with bread or corn dog, and peas.
THURSDAY: Beef and cheese burrito or popcorn chicken, tortilla chips, and corn.
FRIDAY: Ham and scalloped potatoes with bread or pepperoni pizza, and green beans.

Sanborn Central
Salad bar, fruit choice and milk choice offered daily.
MONDAY: Beef and noodles, carrots, and blueberry muffin.
TUESDAY: Corn dog, smiley potatoes, and green beans.
WEDNESDAY: Baked chicken drumstick, savory rice, corn, and oatmeal roll.
THURSDAY: Turkey and cheese sandwich, oven fries, and mixed vegetables.
FRIDAY: Mini meatball sub, potato wedges, and peas.


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