School notes

Huron High School Library
• The Huron High School Library has been a busy place these first few weeks! The freshmen and sophomore English classes have visited the library for orientation sessions and have found books to begin their English projects. This has also been a wonderful opportunity for me, as the new librarian, to meet many of the students! In the coming weeks, there will be a book club meeting and possibly peer help/tutor sessions in the library during study halls. The library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day and remains open during lunch, which offers students the opportunity to read, study and play games such as chess and checkers! I am looking forward to a great year in the library and with the Huron School District!
From HHS Library director Mrs. Rachel Kary,

Washington 4/5 Center
• It is exciting to begin another academic year and to take part in the learning process with the scholars and teachers here at Washington 4/5 Center. Education is an adventure, it is all about change, growth, and development. There is so much happening in our schools today. There is the creative use of technology, the focus on the development of 21st century learning, and all of the opportunities to learn in new and exciting ways. Your child will learn to collaborate, communicate, think creatively and critically, and will develop a clear sense of character. As we prepare children for a world that is rapidly changing, we understand the need for helping them develop a passion for learning. The skills that this educational adventure will produce will have an impact on how they learn and will ultimately be the key to their future success.
From Linda Pietz, Grade 4/5 Instructional Coach

Buchanan K-1 Center
• We are back in the swing of it at Buchanan K-1 Center! Starting a new school year is always exciting! My name is Lisa McCarty and I am the Instructional Coach at Buchanan. I help teachers with strategies, finding resources, and working with them to meet the needs of all students. At the primary level our focus is on reading. In Kindergarten they are using a program called ABC Boot camp. This is a program that introduces all of the letters in a faster fashion to expose all students to the letters of the alphabet. Then the teachers use Animated Alphabet to review all of the letters and sounds. Animated Alphabet is a program that incorporates stories, songs and actions for each letter and sound as well as writing words using the letter sounds.
In first grade we are using Visual Phonics, which teaches a hand sign for each letter of the alphabet. This helps students remember the sounds of the letters when they are decoding words in reading and also when blending sounds to write words.  
I am looking forward to an awesome year at the K-1 Center!

Madison 2-3 Center
• A coach is an important part of any team. A coach instructs, directs ,or prompts another person to grow in skill and practice. I am Janna Cobb, and as the Instructional Coach at the Madison 2-3 Center, my job is to be a sounding board, to be a support for teacher and student growth, and to spark change that promotes more effective teaching and greater student achievement. I work in partnership with our principal, Mrs. Rozell, all the teachers, and the support staff.
This year our building staff is working together to “bulk up” the  essential instruction of grade-level academic and behavior standards that prompt every child to learn at high levels. Our staff was trained in “Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools” to help students feel safe, be connected, get regulated and learn.   Students work together with teachers and staff to practice and demonstrate positive behaviors with a program called PBIS — Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports.  New techniques in effective teaching will be explored in our staff study of the book, “Explicit Instruction” by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes, and applied in the teaching of reading, writing, math, and science and social studies. As testing coordinator, I assist teachers in effectively testing students and evaluating the results to make our instruction unique to the strengths and needs of our students. Working together to pool our ideas and experiences, building up the talents of each other, and growing as educators, the Madison 2-3 Center is off and running!