School notes 1-12-22

We just started the second semester of Algebra 1. Before we left for vacation, our topic was linear equations.

We are continuing with that topic and looking at linear relationships. Example: if you are saving up to buy a car, you start with $500 and then add $100 / week how long would it take to purchase a car for $2300?

The rest of this semester will include; exponential growth & decay, systems of equations, exponent rules and polynomials. We will also be taking our winter NWEA this week. The goal for each student is to increase his or her score from the fall. We will also take it again in the spring to see how much we have increased since now.

The great thing about semesters at the high school is the students start with a clean slate right now. Their grades start over and they have a chance to pass this semester even if the first semester did not go as planned. Attendance is so very important. Please encourage this at home so they can have the best chance for success.


Mrs. Wagemann
High School Mathematics

It was a great first semester in music at Madison 2-3 center. We started the year reviewing rhythms and other musical concepts using interactive activities and games. We then went full speed ahead learning our concert music. They presented two fantastic shows on November 22nd. The show was entitled “Pets”! The students had a blast learning seven songs all about different animals and pets. It was a very cute show.  

In December, we learned holiday songs and did a unit on The Nutcracker. The students did a composer study on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and then dove into the music. We did many activities to reinforce musical concepts as we listened to the movements of the orchestral work. The third grade students had the special privilege of watching excerpts from the live ballet.  

Emily Salinas
General Music Teacher
Madison 2-3 Center