School notes 1-30-21

Mrs. Stoddard’s eighth- grade math students have been learning about slope since Christmas break. Some of the math skills involved in the area of SD math standards include; representing linear relationships, determining slope and y-intercept, graphing linear relationships using slope and y-intercept, analyzing data in tables and graphs.

The seventh-grade math students are learning about evaluating algebraic expressions writing and solving one- and two-step equations, and inequalities. Students use these mathematical skills to solve multi-step real world problems relating to business and leisure activities.

Both seventh-grade geography classes are learning about the physical aspect of our world, the earth. We are studying the earth’s biomes, what their environments, life, and climates are like. We have also learned a lot about how important water is to sustaining life on earth and how the earth recycles water to maintain freshwater for all living things.

Mrs. Stoddard
ESL Math
7-8 grade
Social Studies