School notes 1-9-21

Huron High School
Happy New Year from Mrs. Wagemann’s Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra classes.

In Vanya Wagemann’s Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra classes at Huron High School, they are starting the year out working on linear equations, which includes quite a bit of graphing over the next few weeks. They will plot points and connect to see the relationship between their input and output data.

Mrs. Wagemann says one question will almost always surface during the year:  “When will we ever use this?!”

“I’ve taught algebra for quite a few years and get this question a lot. When I tell people what I teach, the usual response is ‘Yuck math, algebra is too hard!’ Now I will agree to the fact students may not grow up and plot points everyday of their life,” Wagemann said. “School is about learning, exploring, and finding out about all different curriculums. It is actually great for your brain to try something difficult. It has been proven that when we do that, it stretches and works our brain just like a workout for our body. The problem solving skills that are involved with working on math problems will last a lifetime.

“So yes, we will continue our algebra work, but at the same time, we are doing brain calisthenics. This can surely help students in all aspects of schoolwork. Maybe I should change my motto from MATH ROCKS to MATH ROCKS OUR BRAIN!”

Submitted by Vanya Wagemann