School notes 10-11-21

Madison 2-3 Center
Second graders in Team 4 at Madison 2-3 Center are starting off the year strong. Again, they continue to amaze with their resiliency and willingness to adapt to change.

They are all working hard on showing their best PAWS behavior. If they are caught showing PAWS behaviors, students can earn a Paw card. Each Friday, a name is drawn from every classroom. If their name is drawn, they get to play PAWS PLINK-O. It is fun to see the expression on their face when their name is called!

In reading, they are learning about the elements of realistic fiction. They have characters, a setting, and events that could really happen. In writing, they are working on writing good sentences and trying out many different kinds of writing.

In math, they are working with two-digit numbers. They are reviewing what they learned in first grade and learning about the different ways to show them. They are slowly going to start to work with three-digit numbers, but know that this can be a tricky concept for some of us. Next, they will be working with basic facts. It is important they know the addition and subtraction facts really well. It will help when they start to learn double digit addition and subtraction.

Submitted by Holly Cundy, Kathy Curr, Kelby Johnson and Kyle Johnson