School notes 10-27-21

Huron Middle School
Students in Lisa Kissner’s eighth grade math classes have been busy analyzing real numbers of all kinds from rational to irrational numbers. Students have been engaged in numerous activities to help develop their understanding of real numbers as well.

Students began by tackling and identifying rational and irrational numbers. Exploration with exponents and terminating and repeating decimals have been challenging these students. Along with class lecture, students have been able to use their individual Chromebook to help strengthen and differentiate their instruction.

Student activities with IXL, First in Math, Blooket and Quizizz have been especially engaging to the students.

Homework and video application have been assigned to them through the use of Google Classroom as well.

Further exploration of very large numbers and very small numbers has been the most recent concentration.

Students are discovering ways to write both sets in scientific notation and standard forms. Instead of expanding these numbers to calculate, students have been exploring the rules to using the operations in math to calculate numbers in scientific notation form. They have been working with task cards and partners to help reinforce the continual learning of these concepts in the classroom.

Submitted by Lisa Kissner