School notes 11-21-20

Madison 2-3 Center

Second graders in Team 1 at Madison 2-3 Center are working hard. The year has started off strong, despite all the many changes and adjustments. School staff couldn’t be more proud of the students’ resiliency to the new expectations.

In reading, they are working on using the author’s words to make connections to their own lives and other books. They are also finishing up visualizing. 

In writing, they started with how to write a good sentence. They need to make sure they start with a capital letter, have spaces between words, that it makes sense, and ends with the correct punctuation. Now, they are working on writing stories, along with a little letter writing.

In math, they finished a unit on place value to 100. They also practiced skip counting by 10s and 5s. Now, they are working on strategies to solve addition and subtraction facts. Knowing basic facts will help them when they get to double digit addition and subtraction.  

Submitted by Team 1 teachers Sophie Beers, Holly Cundy, Kathy Curr, Kelby Johnson and Becky Moeding