School notes 11-21-22

HHS science

Students in Principals of Biomedical science at Huron High School are working on the final part of the unit on forensic science. They are trying to determine the manner and cause of death of a fictional character named Anna Garcia.

Students collected evidence at a mock crime scene and have completed activities such as fingerprinting, hair analysis, DNA extraction and analysis, blood typing and blood spatter analysis.  

They are currently studying the procedures used during an autopsy that will culminate with the dissection of a heart. At the completion of the unit, they will write up the results in a mock police report stating how they think she died and who was responsible.  

Earth science students are finishing up the unit on astronomy with a discussion of the sun and other stars.

They will be covering the structure of the sun and solar activity as well as the characteristics and life cycle of stars. Students will also have the opportunity to learn where constellations are located and the major stars that are found in them. At the completion of the unit, the students will begin their unit on geology with the study of minerals and rocks.

Submitted by Char Carda
HHS Science teacher