School notes 11-22-22

HHS science

Jennifer Fuchs biology classes at the high school are just finishing the ecology unit and are now preparing to move into a unit on cells, the building blocks of life. 

They will start by working on reviewing the parts of a cell, which were learned in middle school. Once they have learned the anatomy of cells, they will study the physiology, how they work, within an organism to ensure survival. To extend this knowledge, they will explore how a once single cell can grow and divide to become a complete living organism. 

From there, they will study heredity and the passing of traits from one generation to the next.   The students generally find great interest in this topic, as they recognize their own traits and which relative possibly passed the traits to them. Finally, to round out this unit they will learn about genetic disorders, causes, and possible treatments.

Submitted by Jennifer Fuchs, science teacher at Huron High School

Madison 2-3 Center ESL

Third grade ESL students have had a great fall working through their Language for Writing lessons and reading interventions. Language for Writing is a comprehensive oral language and writing program.

The direct instruction approach explicitly teaches important speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Most ESL students receive services every day for 35 to 70 minutes in small groups of four to 15 students at a time.

They started the year learning about synonyms, opposites, complete sentences, and types of sentences.

Currently, students are learning about singulars and plurals. They are practicing identifying the subjects and predicates in statements, questions, and commands. They are also practicing using appropriate punctuation and capitalization. In each lesson, students write sentences about what is happening in pictures provided. The students are on their way to having a great year!

Submitted by Megan K. T. Smith,  Madison 2-3 Center ESL