School notes 11-5-22

8th-grade History
This is an exciting time in eighth grade at Huron Middle School! In American History class, students identified how the United States became a country and the role the Patriots had in the development of the United States.

First, the students studied the causes leading up to the American Revolutionary War. Then, the students learned about the events that officially started the war and how we declared our independence from Great Britain. After this, they learned how we won the American Revolution and how this created our country.

They are now finishing up learning about our government and how that government works. Students learned about the three branches of government and the job of each branch. They also learned about the freedoms that they have guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and how the president is elected.

Submitted by Andrew Raml

7th-grade Social Studies
Recently the students have been learning about North America, more specifically, the important physical and culturally significant aspects about North America. With the recent Day of the Dead, they have covered the importance of it to the Mexican culture by making posters. While this has been a great time, some of the students have gone beyond what was expected and even brought in homemade treat to help celebrate. 

The students have also been working on their reading and writing comprehension with choosing to do projects that were tougher than others, that allowed them to pick one problem with North America and find their own way to solve it. This led to many new and fun ideas about how real-world problems could be solved starting today. Some students picked very tough topics and it was awesome to see the solutions they came up with!

However, most importantly, the students are looking outward to see what they could possibly do to help others, and at this age, I believe that to be a major breakthrough to get these students to think of others first.

Submitted by Cory Weeks

Huron Colony
Huron Colony students in kindergarten through third grade have been doing a lot of reviewing as they dive into the 2022-23 school year. They are working hard on reading, writing and learning addition and subtraction math facts along with many more math skills.

The two new kindergarten students are working hard on learning to recognize and write their letters and numbers, as well as writing their names. They are also working on their coloring and cutting.

Students are continuing to work on their reading proficiency. They are working with new sight words and letter sounds. In math, they continue to work on their addition and subtraction computations as they move on to multi-digit numbers with regrouping and borrowing.

Submitted by Trisha Shreeve

HHS Spanish
Students in Spanish 1 through 4 are learning through speaking, storytelling, and studies of cultural traditions.

A few recent highlights include learning the children’s song “Los pollitos dicen,” or “The little chickies say,” a study of the legend of the Cucuy, and a look at the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, a group of grandmothers turned activists after Argentina’s Dirty War.

Oct. 15 marked the end of Hispanic Heritage Month. Spanish 1 students looked into the lives of influential Hispanics and Hispanic-Americans Roberto Clemente, Ellen Ochoa, Sonia Sotomayor, Selena Quintanilla, Cesar Chavez, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Juan Felipe Herrera. The winner of their fourth annual Hispanic Heritage Month Mania Musical bracket was Spain’s Famous Oberogo with “Hoy ya no.”

Submitted by Kira Carabantes

HHS Geometry
The beginning of second quarter of the semester is a great time for students and teachers alike. A fresh start, a new day, as the rush of the end of the previous quarter leaves a faint exhaustion, especially to a first-year teacher. The second quarter begins, and not only do the students know what their classes are like, but also the feeling of acclimating to the role of teacher hits every new teacher differently.

Adam Heagley’s Geometry classes are done only using Line Segments and Angles, and have transcended into using Figures and Shapes, as well as Theorems to help describe the aforementioned. Mr. Heagley’s Calculus classes have now wrapped up Unit 2, revolving around taking Derivatives of various functions. They will continue with Unit 3: The Applications of Derivatives after Unit 2. Although a brief respite is in order first.

Students are excelling at their own pace, with teachers in the Huron School District working meticulously to meet the needs of both an increasing and diverse class of students. They will also continue to work hard to meet the needs of those students. Teachers forging the path for our students may not always be the easiest, but the effort displayed from both teacher and students alike will make for a wonderful year.

Submitted by Adam Heagley