School notes 11-7-20

Huron Middle School

The seventh-grade Science and Geography curriculums both use technology, and each student is able to work on an iPad in the classroom to access all online resources. The students are also able to access and on any device that is connected to the internet elsewhere. They can go to the Huron School District webpage and then click on the curriculum sites; this will lead them to the appropriate websites.

The information they have covered so far has been related to Earth Science. They have explored everything from plate tectonics to fossils. They are now learning the different kinds or rocks and minerals and the rock cycle.  Once they finish up with Earth Science, they will be moving onto Life Science.

In Geography they have completed learning about the five themes of Geography as well as the different types of geography, map skills, climate, different landforms and water sources.

They have explored North America by studying the United States, Canada and Mexico. They have studied the physical features, cultures, government, economy and the lifestyles of people in this region.

Submitted by Heidi Blue