School notes 12-11-20

HHS Building Trades
As the first semester comes to the end, the student’s in Matthew Busch’s Building Trades class at Huron High School have been working on the roof. They started setting roof trusses Oct. 30, and they have been on the roof ever since. The school house has a pretty complicated hip roof system this year, so there were a lot of different roof trusses that each had to get set in their correct place!  

Once the roof trusses were all set, the students began measuring, running string lines, marking and cutting rafter tails. After the tails were cut, the students installed 2-by-6 sub fascia. They have been installing plywood on the roof since then and have been hand framing/stick framing areas on the roof where roof trusses could not be built, mainly in the areas where there are valleys.  

The students should be finished with the plywood on the roof, installing winterguard, synthetic felt paper, windows and doors before they leave for Christmas! They have been thankful for the good weather this fall!

Submitted by Matthew Busch

Madison 2-3 Center
Music at Madison 2-3 Center is thriving, but it looks a little bit different this year. Teacher Emily Salinas says her motto is “Music on the Move” as she zips through the hallways on a tool cart that is packed tight with everything she needs to teach that day’s lesson. The students get music twice a week in their classroom and so far, it has been a success.

The activities have been modified a bit in order to ensure safety, but the kids still get to enjoy the same fun lessons. So far this quarter, they have been very creative with activities as they learn how to count rhythms, interpret expression in songs through listening, and playing with homemade instruments.

This December, they are learning holiday songs and will start a unit on “The Nutcracker.” The students will do a composer study on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and then dive into the music. They do many activities to reinforce musical concepts as they listen to the movements of the orchestral work. The third grade students will have the special privilege of watching excerpts from the live ballet.  

Submitted by Emily Salinas

HMS Physical Education
When we think about exercise, we imagine ourselves lifting weights, running, or attending an aerobics class.  We feel the pain and the suffering of trying to fight the battle of the bulge. For students at Huron Middle School, exercise means playing and being physically active. By incorporating games into middle school fitness classes, students can still be active and learn the lifetime skills of working together to meet a common goal, communication skills, the power of a positive attitude, and sportsmanship.  

This year in middle school physical education classes, they have offered our students a variety of different activities such as Flag Football, Ultimate Football, Pickleball, The Gladiator Challenge, Badminton, Ping Pong, Tchoukball, Volleyball, Eclipseball and basketball to keep class fresh and exciting. They also have fitness station days, where they challenge students to complete 20 different exercises in 30 minutes. By combining a regular physical activity program and a healthy diet, students will have stronger muscles and bones, be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and have a better outlook on life.

The best way to get your son or daughter hooked on exercise is by being a good role model. Too many of us are bad role models because we skip breakfast to rush off to work, eat fast food for lunch because it is convenient, and then crash in front of the television at night because we are tired. Be a role model for your children and exercise! Your health depends on it!

Submitted by Julie King and Tim Buddenhagen

Huron Colony
The Huron Colony fourth-eighth graders have been very busy this fall! They have been reading individual books to gain Accelerated Reader points. Also, as a class, they read “Summer of the Monkeys” and “Charlotte’s Web.” With those two books they did activities and Language Arts projects.

In November, they read “Stone Soup” and students brought ingredients to add to the teacher’s “stone!” They set the table with Thanksgiving decorations and served the soup to the kindergarten-second grade students! It was fun and delicious!

In mathematics they are perfecting multiplication, division and learning all about fractions. With Social Studies, they studied about Native Americans, mapping, states and capitols, Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor. Students made posters of the food pyramid in Science and displayed them in the hallway.

They have art every Thursday or Friday, and the hallways are decorated with beautiful art pieces students have created.

Huron Colony students work very hard and are respectful of each other and the teachers. It is a delight to work with them!

Submitted by Janet Schinderling