School notes 2-13-21

Buchanan K-1 Center
The preschool students at Buchanan K-1 Center have been busy exploring, playing, and learning in the classroom. School might look a little different this year with less sharing of materials and a lot more washing hands, but that isn’t going to stop them from safely playing in preschool.  

Children learn so much through play and it is important for overall child growth and development. Play allows children to try new things, explore new activities, and practice skills with less pressure and expectations. During play children are using and developing their cognitive, social, language, emotional, and motor skills. Each day at preschool the children engage in a variety of forms of play such as free play, structured play, pretend play, physical play, and toy/object play. While at school, the preschoolers have many opportunities to play independently as well as with their peers and teachers. Play encourages imagination, creativity, and perseverance and it builds problem solving skills, social skills, and language skills. It is always a great day to play!

Each week the preschool class focuses their learning on a different letter, number, shape, and color while doing a variety of learning and fine motor activities that encourage communication and social skills. Some of their favorite activities from the last month have been playing rainbow bean bag toss to review colors, exploring jingle bells and magnets while learning about the letter J, fishing for numbers while working on number identification, and making a pizza craft to review shapes.

Submitted by Marisa Krekelberg and Alyssa Aker, ECSE Teachers
Madison 2-3 Center
Third-grade teachers Melissa Peterson, Angel Clark, Megan Kopfmann, Dani Lowe, and Sharla Mees have all been working on perimeter and area in math, as well as fluency with multiplication facts.

For writing, students are currently exploring the informational genre. Also, reading groups are working on comprehension, vocabulary and phonics. Students are excited about learning various topics in science, such as forces, traits of organisms, and weather.

Submitted by Madison 2-3 Center

Huron Middle School
Welcome to the DLC — Mrs. Hoek, Ms. Tanya, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Courtney along with all the students have been doing great things in the DLC this year at Huron Middle School.

This last week they read informational text about Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl. They have also begun a monthly study of amazing people in history. Each week they will have two different people students will read and write about. They will be completing the month with a report about what they learned.

In math, they are doing skills-based assignments with money and measurement. They will complete the lessons with a hands on art project. Using their new skills, they will have with money to purchase the items they will need from the class store and make sure they have the pieces with the right measurements in the correct positions.

Submitted by Mrs. Hoek