School notes 2-24-21

Huron Middle School — Math
Huron Middle School seventh-graders are starting their geometry unit in math this week. They will start off by learning how to make scale drawings with similar shapes before moving into geometric drawings and angels.

Their next section of geometry will cover circumference, area, and volume. Students will use the next few weeks to practice and master the various components of geometry and finish off the unit with a final project where they will get the chance to put their new skills to work with a scale-sized building project!

Submitted by Courtney Clarke

Huron High School — ESL
Students in ESL Advanced are beginning to read “Enrique’s Journey,” a book about a boy’s journey from Honduras to the United States to be reunited with his mother. This book highlights the complex reasons why people migrate.

By reading about one teenager’s life story, students can compare and contrast it with their own experiences. They can also consider how they respond to new people in this country, community, and school. Students are learning new vocabulary words to accompany each chapter and writing in journals to reflect on what they read.

Submitted by Amy Kaufman