School notes - 4-2-21

Washington 4-5 Center Orchestra
• Fifth-grade orchestra students are having a great year! They are able to meet during the school day weekly, where they get instruction and tips on how to practice at home. They are especially excited as they prepare a program for a concert at the Huron Arena on Tuesday, April 27, at 7 p.m. This concert also includes fifth-grade band and vocal. The theme for the orchestra portion of the program is “Fiddle Fun!” Students will be playing “Bile ‘em Cabbage Down” and “Simple Square Dance.” The orchestra is looking forward to its first concert of this school year!
Submitted by Beth Neitzert

• Fourth-grade Orchestra students worked hard during the first half of the year to master proper instrument set-up and fingerboard geography.  Much of this work is learned by rote and by ear to develop sound aural skills. The hard work of learning these important fundamental skills is finally paying off as they are now able to move on to developing their bowing skills, rhythm and note reading skills. In preparation for their big concert on April 27, in conjunction with the fifth-grade orchestra (above), they have begun learning their concert music along with performance etiquette. The public is encouraged to attend this exciting event at the Huron Arena!
Submitted by Mia Kruse

Washington 4-5 Center Counseling
This year the theme is to focus on positives. Students started the year by playing a game to get to know each other. The game is called “Catch the Rainbow.” In this game each student randomly gets a Starburst and then has to answer a question about themselves related to the color they receive. After students answer their question they are able to eat their candy. This game gives students a chance to get to know each other and brings up a good discussion on being special and unique.

This year is also the first time students have made a Positive Quote book, which they design to fit their own style and unique personalities. Then each time they meet, counselor Jeff Johnson presents a positive quote for them to write in their books. He then tells true stores to help students better understand the meaning of the quote.

Students are encouraged to use their own quotes that they know and put them in, as well. Johnson believes the Positive Quote books will be a fun way for students to remember what they learned this year and hopefully something they can keep adding to.

 They also use a curriculum called “Second Step,” in which they watch video clips followed by discussion to learn various social emotional learning skills. The skills range from being able to identify feelings and using empathy, to help others with friendship and problem-solving, and coping strategies to handle strong emotions.
Submitted by Jeff Johnson