School notes 4-5-21

Huron High School
Social studies students at Huron High School have just started the fourth quarter of school and are plugging along.

This semester classes include World History I, World History II, Geography, and Sheltered US Geography.  

Students just finished the World History I unit, which was on Ancient Greece and Rome. They learned about the development of these civilizations and what caused them to fall. The next unit will be over the Crusades and then they will be finishing up the year covering the French Revolution.

In World History II they just finished up with WWI. Students discussed the causes of WWI and what effect it had on every country involved. Lastly, they talked about how WWI helped set the stage for WWII. They are currently going over the Roaring ’20s and the Great Depression.

Geography saw them finishing up a unit on Human Geography. In this unit they covered what makes up culture, how cultures grow, what impact cultures have on the environment, and how people adapted to their environment.

In the next unit students are taking everything they have learned to this point and applying that to the United State and Canada.

In Sheltered U.S. Geography, students are going over the Midwest Region of states. They are covering the location of the states, capital cities, as well as major industries and interesting facts about each.  For this unit students were assigned a state to create a Keynote presentation about. This helps the EL learners work on reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

Submitted by Troy Brock