School notes 5-3-22

Buchanan K-1 Center
It is springtime in Buchanan K-1 Center kindergarten classrooms. Students have grown so much since the beginning of the year. The students are busy preparing for their Kindergarten Recognition Program. You can feel the excitement in the air!

In science, the students are practicing coding using the app Scratch Jr. on their I-Pads. They are blossoming as authors and illustrators who can write sentences on their own and illustrate a picture in Writer’s Workshop. The students are using what they know about letters, sounds and sight words during this time. In math they are now able to add, subtract, identify solid shapes, and count to 100. They are laughing, learning, playing, and growing together in Kindergarten.

Submitted by April Ahlers, Renee Person and Carolyn Westby, kindergarten teachers

HHS Special Education
In special education language arts class at Huron High School, students have been working on writing research papers. For the last month or so, they worked on skills such as doing research, writing notecards, summarizing, paraphrasing, and citing sources. The students then used these skills to write a research paper. Writing a research paper is a very useful skill to know, as they may have to do it later in life if they choose to go to college or tech school.

In personal finance class, they have been looking at the different types of debt and how to avoid them. They have talked about credit cards and loans, the extra payments that you have with those including fees and interest, and how much they can affect your life. Learning these skills in high school will help them be better prepared for when they graduate high school and have to make their own decisions.

Submitted by Amanda Ladwig, special education

HMS Band
As another year wraps up at Huron Middle School, the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade bands are working hard!

They worked on preparing for the Spring Band Concert presented Monday, May 2.

The concert included students from grades five through 12.

After the Spring Band Concert, the sixth- and seventh-grade bands will begin learning their music for Homecoming 2022, and are encouraged to practice it at home throughout the summer. They will also receive the 2023 Middle School All State Band music, and start thinking whether they chose to pursue an audition in the upcoming school year.

The eighth-grade band will perform at the school’s Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 18, and also start working on their High School Marching Band music for next fall.

Instructor Julie Berger was able to visit students in the fifth grade bands the last week of April, and gave all Tiger Cub Band members their sixth grade band registration form.  

Thank you for all your support throughout the year, not only for the HMS Bands, but for the entire Huron School District Music Department.

Submitted by instructor Julie Berger

HMS Orchestra
Orchestra at the Huron Middle School has had an outstanding year! They just completed the annual seventh- and eighth grade Solo & Ensemble Contest where students earned many Superior and Excellent ratings.

Many students from the orchestras auditioned and five were selected for the South Dakota Music Education Association Middle School All State Orchestra. The concert was held in Rapid City in February.

Huron Middle School Honors Orchestra has had many great accomplishments. Honors orchestra is a smaller chamber group that is a combination of seventh- and eighth-grade students who auditioned for a seat in the fall.

They performed over Christmas at the Capitol in December.

They will perform for students at Buchanan School and Holy Trinity Catholic School on May 3. The Honors Orchestra is also planning a trip to Northern State University on May 5 to have a masterclass with NSU string professor, Dr. Christopher Stanichar.

Join them for the grades four-12  Orchestra Spring Concert on Tuesday, May 10, at the Huron High School Auditorium. Members of the fourth- and fifth-grade orchestras will perform at 6 p.m., followed by the middle and high school orchestras at 7 p.m.

If anybody has questions about orchestra, please reach out to orchestra director Beth Neitzert at [email protected]

Submitted by Beth Neitzert